CAP Aircraft

The Kentucky Wing of CAP has three different aircraft in it's inventory

Here is the entire fleet minus one.  This photo was taken at the 2004 Mountain Flying Clinic held in London, Kentucky.  Click on it to see the LARGE version!Here is a group photo of the Kentucky Wing Aircraft. 

CAP predominantly uses high wing aircraft such as Cessnas and Maules. This is due to the fact that our mission of search and rescue (SAR) necessitates getting the best view of the ground possible.  Kentucky Wing currently has 11 aircraft in it's inventory. These aircraft are located throughout the state with the "flying" squadrons. Kentucky Wing recently retired their only Maule so now the entire fleet is comprised of Cessna Aircraft.

The Cessna C-172 Skyhawk.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk (C-172)

The Skyhawk is the most predominant aircraft in the CAP inventory.  It is both inexpensive to operate and maintain. All of the Kentucky Wing CAP C-172s have the 180 h.p. conversion for better load handling. The wing has seven Skyhawks in the inventory. Cruise is around 110 Kts. Pictured at left is N9732L which is one of the older aircraft in the fleet. It is in very good shape and is an excellent aircraft.


The New Cessna 182T NAV III Skylane.

Cessna 182 Skylane (C-182)

The Skylane is the heavy hauler of the bunch with 230 h.p. under the cowling. This aircraft has a constant speed propeller and can easily haul four adults and some baggage. It is the most complex of the three to operate. The Skylane also employs an autopilot which can be very helpful in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).  The wing currently has 3 Skylanes in the inventory.  The Skylane can cruise at around 125 Kts.  Click on the New button at the right to see the wing's brand new Cessna C-182 Skylane. Click on the Newer button at left to see the new G-1000 equipped C-182T Nav III.

N815CP gets an oil change.

CAP Aircraft Maintenance

Kentucky Wing aircraft are some of best maintained in the nation.  All of them sport the new CAP (or close to it) paint scheme.  The wing also has received two new Skylane aircraft over the past two years.  Click on the photo at left to see one of our birds undergoing maintenance at the shop at Louisville Executive Aviation.


Now you won't have to remember the CAP tail or flight numbers.  Print me out and stick me in your pocket!

Have you ever gotten ready to start filling out your Civil Air Patrol mission paperwork and you just can't seem to remember the CAP Flight numbers or tail numbers of our Kentucky Wing aircraft?  Well, if you have, here is a handy solution to your problem.

The answer is this little business card sized document that contains not only the tail numbers of the aircraft but their corresponding CAP Flight numbers.  Just another service provided to you by your ever-inventive squadron webmaster. 

To download the Kentucky Wing CAP Flights card that, click on the image on the left.  It will prompt you to either save or open this file.  You can print it directly from the web by clicking on open or save the file to your computer's hard disk, and print with a color printer whenever you are ready. Semper Vigilans! Nice.....




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